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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, November 17th, 2022
CONTACT: Megan Hiler, Public Information Officer
Cell: 970-409-2784
Media Partners,
The Clear Creek County Strategic and Community Planning Division is happy to announce the
formation of the Clear Creek County Recreation in the Outdoors Management Plan (ROMP).
The Clear Creek ROMP is a county-wide recreation planning project funded by a Great
Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant. The goal of the ROMP is to identify a vision and values, key
projects, partnerships and funding mechanisms that will help Clear Creek County protect our
natural resources and provide high quality recreational amenities for residents that can support
a sustainable economy. By gathering feedback from partners, residents, and recreators, Clear
Creek County hopes to use it for planning future recreation projects in the County.
The project launched this summer at a Board of County Commissioners work session (link to
meeting here) and will continue through at least the end of 2023.
“The ROMP project seeks to build a unifying vision for recreation in our county that recognizes
the impacts it has on our community members and on our natural resources and, by aligning our
vision, improves all our abilities to mitigate, respond, educate, and balance all the forces
involved in living in, protecting and preserving this amazing place,” Strategic & Community
Planning Division Director Amy Saxton said.
Clear Creek County has convened the following teams to support the ROMP:
Interagency Team: The Interagency Team (IT) is composed of county, municipal, federal, and
state land managers with jurisdiction within Clear Creek County. The Interagency Team helps to
identify and provide data and information, provides input on agendas and approaches for
stakeholder and community engagement, and helps to identify and prioritize potential projects.
Planning Partners Team: The Planning Partners Team (PPT) is a multi-stakeholder group of
recreation planning subject matter experts that provides input to the ROMP through facilitated
dialogue. Interests represented on the PPT include open space planning, cultural and historical
resources, youth engagement, economic/business/tourism, recreational uses, outdoor equity,
and environmental conservation.
The PPT will support visioning, goal development, and prioritize and discuss ideas for ROMP
project implementation.
Community Advisory Team: The Community Advisory Team (CAT) represents a wide range of
community demographics and perspectives that reflect the diversity of community members
impacted by recreation planning. The CAT will inform the work and dialogue of the IT and PPT
through focus groups.
The ROMP is also supported with facilitation and research by Keystone Policy Center and SE Group.
For more information on the ROMP or to get involved, click here.
Clear Creek County and its partners will also be looking for feedback in the upcoming months as the
project progresses. You can see and participate in surveys here.