Stay The Trail-Colorado (STT), under the Stay The Trail Education and Stewardship Alliance, is dedicated to creating a strong stewardship ethic within the OHV community in Colorado and hopes that our efforts will extend beyond the state boarders. Stewardship is an environmental concept of responsible caretaking for our lands and resources that directly effects the ability to recreate in Colorado. With over 45% of the lands in Colorado being open public space we are in a unique position to create good land use ethics. Our public lands are set aside not only for ourselves but for future generations to enjoy, this means it is our responsibility to protect, preserve, and enhance our OHV opportunities.

STT focuses on two major types of Stewardship: Stewardship through Education and Outreach and Stewardship through Volunteerism. 

Education & Outreach

STT has been dedicated to education and outreach since the start of the program in 2003.

Since than STT has produced brochures, maps, and other educational materials relevant to Colorado.

Some of the topics for these educational materials cover guidelines for each sub category of OHV use (4×4, Side by Side, ATV, and Dirt Bike), information on 100+ OHV riding areas around the state, Rules and Regulations for OHV registrations and operating OHV’s on county roads, relevant mapping apps, hunting information, and various other topics.


STT also wanted to expand efforts to create a strong sense of stewardship and ownership for our OHV opportunities throughout the state. In 2015, STT created a position within the organization dedicated to working with clubs, organizations, and land managers to help fund, plan, and implement projects on OHV routes. In this time STT has been able to work with many different industry partners to acquire funding to support these projects. Working with a diversity of clubs/organizations on all types of OHV routes has expanded the STT messaging and continues to work towards creating a strong sense of ethical responsibility to protect our public land access throughout the state. 

Stewardship Projects

Below is a list of past stewardship projects STT has planned and organized since the birth of the dedicated Stewardship Position.

2018 Stay The Trail Stewardship Projects

  • Yankee Hill Clean Up-Clear Creek Ranger District
  • XI FJ Summit Volunteer Work Day-Ouray Ranger District
  • China Wall ‘Wing Barrier’ Installation-South Park Ranger District
  • 4-Mile Canyon Fence Installation-Royal Gorge Field Office
  • Ptarmagin Lakes Trail Restoration-Salida Ranger District
  • Cactus Park Width Limiters-Grand Junction Field Office
  • Triangle Peak Single Track Reconstruction-Aspen-Sopris Ranger District
  • All-4-Fun Stewardship Work Day-Clear Creek Ranger District
  • Shrine Pass Restoration-Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District

2017 Stay The Trial Stewardship Projects

  • Columbine Fencing & New OHV Parking Lot
  • China Wall Gate Opening & Trail Maintenance Project-South Park Ranger District
  • Turkey Springs Maintenance & Signage Project
  • Rainbow Falls Multi-Use Group Clean Up-South Platte Ranger District
  • Greengate ‘Phase 2’ Singletrack Project-Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District
  • FJ Summit XI Volunteer Work Day-Ouray Ranger District
  • Chinamen Gulch (All-4-Fun) Signage & Maintenance Project-Royal Gorge Field Office
  • Triangle Peak Singletrack Trail Reconstruction Project-Aspen-Sopris Ranger District
  • Baldwin Lake National Public Lands Day Project
  • China Wall Seasonal Gate Installation Project-South Park Ranger District
  • Slaughterhouse Gulch Signage & End of Season Clean-Up Project
  • Holy Cross 4×4 Trail Restoration Work Day-Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District
  • Hartmanns Rock OHV Training Track-Gunnison Field Office

2016 Stay The Trail Stewardship Projects

  • 21 Road 4×4 Trail Kiosk Project-Grand Junction Field Office
  • Basalt to Gypsum Singletrack Project-Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District
  • FJ Summit X Volunteer Work Day-Ouray Ranger District
  • Georgia Pass Restoration Project
  • Gypsum Rock Crawl Routes Project-White River Field Office
  • Holy Cross 4×4 Trail Signage and Trail Repair-Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District
  • Mill Creek Signage and Trail Clean Up
  • Ptarmagin Pass/Resolution Road Fencing Replacement-Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District
  • Slaughterhouse Gulch Trail Improvement Project
  • Spring Creek Land Use Run, Signage and Clean Up
  • Yankee Hill Clean Up-Clear Creek Ranger District