Riding in Colorado

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The beauty of Colorado’s public lands. To some, it’s the backyard; to others, a much-needed vacation. To everyone, it’s something to be treasured and enjoyed responsibly. Responsible use includes protecting the natural resources, sharing the trails with other users, and riding safely and in control. And remember, in Colorado, we stay the trail!

Dirt Bikes and 4x4s Share a Road

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Sharing trails with other users is essential when exploring Colorado’s roads and trails. Use appropriate hand signals to indicate the number of vehicles in your group when passing others.

Bikers and Hikers Share a Trail

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Please yield to all non-motorized users by pulling to the side of the trail, or on single track, just off to the side. Turn off your motor until the other users have passed and remember to smile and wave. Let’s do our part to encourage a good experience for all trail users.

Gear Up

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The responsible use of off-highway vehicles is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Remember that protection of our natural resources shares priority with protecting ourselves. Use appropriate riding gear and ride safe today so that you can ride again tomorrow.

Website Trail Info

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Looking for maps and information on where to take your off-highway vehicle? Visit for agency approved maps as well as pictures, videos, and other trail-use information important to your recreational opportunities.

4×4 Obstacles

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Keep the roads and trails we use here in Colorado in good condition by following proper trail etiquette such as going over obstacles, not around them; and crossing streams at designated crossings only.

Designated Routes

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The thousands of miles of off-highway vehicle routes in Colorado are open to a variety of different types of vehicles. Use approved agency maps and pay attention to signs indicating what routes are open to what vehicles. If your vehicle is not approved, use another route to avoid trail widening and resource damage.

ATVs and 4x4s Share a Trail

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Sharing trails with other users is essential when exploring Colorado’s roads and trails. Choose appropriate places to allow others to pass and be patient with other trail users. Avoid sensitive vegetation when parking along routes. Let’s do our part to encourage a good experience for all trail users.

Register Your Unlicensed OHVs

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Hitting the trails? Make sure you have registered your unlicensed off-highway vehicle through Colorado State Parks. Your registration money helps provide and maintain recreational opportunities statewide.

Fox 31 News Story

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BOULDER, Colo. —  A local offroading group is teaming up with Stay the Trail Colorado to help keep our state beautiful for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors.

Photojournalist Kevin Burr gives us a look at how “Offroading Subarus of Colorado” is working to clean up trash along the Switzerland Trail just outside of Boulder in his signature story.

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