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Our mission is to reinforce and highlight responsible OHV use, and to modify and mitigate irresponsible use in an effort to minimize resource damage on public land. We offer educational services and materials to land management agencies, OHV and OHV accessory dealers, educational and community institutions, and the general public.

What You Need to Know


and Permits

Registration requirements for Colorado residents and non-residents, permit requirements, and registration information.

Trail Tips and


Vehicle noise, trail signs, vehicle width, trail width, staging, obstacles, passing, non-motorized traffic, and hunting.

OHVs on streets

and roads

Many cities and counties in Colorado have opened some or all of their roads/streets to off-highway vehicles (OHVs).

Full Size


In addition to OHV trails, there are a number of Full Size Trails open for recreational travel with full-sized vehicles in Colorado.

Frequently Asked


Answers to all your questions about maps, permits, laws, permits, kids, Hunting, the Stay the Trail organization – and lots more.

Trail Maps and Information

Stay The Trail Colorado provides a central place where the public, organizations, and agencies can download all US Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) for National Forest Lands and all of the available BLM Motorized Area Maps located in Colorado. These maps are kept up to date as the US Forest Service and BLM update their maps. Funding for this effort is provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the form of grant funding that comes from registration of Off-Highway Vehicles in Colorado.

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Want to know more about Stay the Trail? Listen to our radio podcast on Mile High Magazine – Public Affairs!

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Softopper STT Sponsor!

Softopper STT Sponsor!

***NEW STT SPONSOR** Softopper is our newest sponsor and is manufactured right here in Colorado! The fit and functionality is perfect for us as it keeps our trail gear and outreach materials dry and dust free! The versatility of being able to easily collapse the...

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OHVs banned, then unbanned, from Silverton’s streets

OHVs banned, then unbanned, from Silverton’s streets

LINK TO FULL ARTICLE: THE DURANGO TELEGRAPH   A sign indicating the OHV route in the town of Silverton may become a moot point later this year. After many twists and turns, the subject of banning OHVs from the town's streets will go to a vote later this year. A...

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There is often confusion on what "sticker" is required for what vehicle and which corresponding route. Here we will explain the stipulations of the 2022 Colorado Parks and Wildlife OHV registration and permit program. The cost for a 2022 OHV Registration or Permit is...

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Lake City Approves OHV use on HWY 149

Lake City Approves OHV use on HWY 149

2021 Colorado Transportation Commission approved the OHV New OHV Pilot Program Approved for Three Years March 18, 2021 Lake City, CO – Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Transportation Commission gave unanimous approval today to a new three-year Pilot...

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About Stay the Trail

Our Organization

Our mission is to reinforce and highlight responsible OHV use, and to modify and mitigate irresponsible use in an effort to minimize resource damage on public land. Our goal is to create a statewide culture of responsible OHV use.

Our Funding

We are primarily funded by grants from the OHV registration program managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Your contributions help us spread the word of responsible OHV use when visiting Colorado public lands. 

Our Leadership

The Stay the Trail Education & Stewardship Alliance is a 501(c)(3) educational organization. We have several employees, a Board of Directors, and Ex-Officio Advisors who lead our team of OHV enthusiasts.