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Plan your Colorado adventure with these packages of printed maps, stickers and brochures provided at no cost to you by Stay the Trail! Until your package arrives, you can also view our interactive online map and download a PDF of the map, or download our brochures

OHV Opportunity Map + 2 Stickers

Includes a full-sized map of the state of Colorado with Colorado Parks & Wildlife OHV Sites, Bureau of Land Management OHV Sites, National FOrest OHV Sites, BLM Land and Wilderness areas, Indian Reservations, National Parks, National Forests and Wilderness Areas, and National Grassland. Find kids training areas and learn important “Know Before You Go” tips to ensure your favorite trails stay open for all riders.

Plus – 2 fun STT stickers for your water bottle, windshield, or where ever you want! Limit one per indivudual.

OHV Opportunity Map + 2 Stickers + Brochures

This package includes 1 map and 2 stickers plus a printed copy of each of our brochures:

  1. Off-Highway Guide for Motorized Vehicles
  2. Courteous Use of Motorized Trails
  3. Off-Highway Guide for Motorcycles
  4. Off-Highway Guide for All-Terrain Vehicles and Side-By-Sides
  5. Off-Highway Guide for 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Limit one per individual. 

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