Rainbow Trail

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Custer County, Colorado

The Rainbow Trail runs for over 100 miles along the eastern edge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from Salida to Westcliffe. Medano Pass Road intersects the Rainbow Trail before terminating in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Only licensed, street-legal vehicles are allowed west of the Medano Pass summit and into the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

How To Get There

From Westcliffe: Head south on S 6th St/CO-69 for approx. 3 miles. Turn right at County Rd-140/Schoolfield Rd. Continue on County Rd-140 for approx 5.5 miles to Alvarado Campground

Detailed Description

The Rainbow Trail is open to motorcycles and ATVs. The Medano Pass Trail is open to licensed, street-legal full-size 4WD vehicles and motorcycles.


Only street-legal, licensed vehicles are allowed to enter the Medano Pass trail from the west through Great Sand Dunes National Park. Unlicensed vehicles are allowed to approach the park from the east but must turn around at Medano Pass and are not allowed to enter the Great Sand Dunes National Park or Preserve.

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