Lefthand Canyon Updates


Lefthand is in a state of limbo awaiting further evaluation and recommendations from the flood team. Currently the area is officially closed to all use. No one is even supposed to hike in there. This is because the damage to the entrance road is considered a public health and safety hazard. Limited on the ground evaluations have been performed of the area. Here is a synopsis of what’s happening:

• Flood Assessment Team is working throughout the near by ranger districts to evaluate and prioritize repairs.
o Facilities are the highest priority
o Access roads the next priority
o Recreational areas and other FS areas are evaluated after those
• The Flood Assessment Team will make a public report out in March-April (info on this meeting will be made public via the OHV meeting)
o Forest Supervisor will have final approval on the priority list
o It is possible that Lefthand will stay closed until 2016 or altogether!!!

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