Smart MVUM Maps for Colorado National Forests for iPhones and now Androids!

The Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) are a great resource for navigating the designated roads and trails open to OHV use. You can now download all the MVUMs for the State of CO for your smart phone for FREE!
Once you download the MVUM for the area you will be visiting you no longer need cell coverage, it uses the GPS function in your phone to show your location on the MVUM!

This work for iPhones and NOW Androids!

Download instructions:
1. Go to “App Store”, search for “PDF Maps” and install
2. Open “PDF Maps”, select “Store” function from the lower bar
3. Select the search function in top right corner.
4. Search for “Stay The Trail” or “MVUM” or a Ranger District, select from the pins that appear
5. Use the “Free” button to download to the phone.
6. Downloaded maps show up in the “Maps” list on the lower left
7. Select appropriate map for the district’s trails you will be using. Your location appears using GPS sensor.

For additional information about Androids phones visit:

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