MVUMs Now Viewable in Trail Guide

We’ve made a few changes to the on-line trail guide. Once you’ve dug down to a trail or area that you are interested in, a few new options are available. The figures below show these options.


When an on-line MVUM is available, the text “(MVUM Layer Available)” appears. Clicking on this link will bring up an MVUM inside of Google Maps that fills almost the entire browser window. On this map, you can zoom in and out; change to street, satellite, terrain, or MVUM views; and generally orientate yourself to the location of the trail. This map also prints great once you’ve found your area of interest. When an MVUM is not available, the link works identically except there’s no MVUM layer.

Also shown in the above image is a new feature identifying what the coordinate shown on the map represents. When we put together the map, we tried to make every map “push pin” represent a trailhead. In a few areas, we couldn’t decide what an ideal trailhead was so we stuck the push pin in the middle of a city or near the trails. We’ll begin changing these from unspecified to what they actually are in the next week or two.


We’re in the process of adding MVUM download links to the Trail Maps box. When the link is present, it will always be the first item listed in the box. If an MVUM is not available in this box yet, you can always click on the link to the Forest Service MVUM page in the Trail Information box at the top of the page or visit our MVUM page.

Currently these features are only enabled for the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland. It takes about an hour or two per ranger district to format the data correctly. Expect more forests to become available in the coming week or two. Note that MVUMs are only available for Forest Service roads and trails so the new MVUM displays and links won’t work for the State Forest, BLM roads and trails, or private courses.

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