Boulder Ranger District Travel Management Meeting – Wed, Nov 4th

From the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition:


For anyone who rides in the Boulder area, a significant milestone is approaching.  The MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Map) for the Boulder Ranger District is going to be released in November. 

The comment period is very short. 

Comments during this time should only to be focused on whether or not a trail should be in the inventory.  Any comments about how trails should be managed will be ignored.  That comes during the next phase of travel management.

It is likely very little of the single track that exists in Boulder Co. will show up on the map.  A small group of local riders are working hard to try to get these added to the inventory.  Whether or not we can continue to ride them is another story, but it’s a start. 

If you want to help, please contact: David Kuhny, Northern Colorado Trail Riders,

Key Dates

Wednesday Nov 4th, 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm - MVUM Release and Open House at the Boulder Ranger District Office. 

Boulder Ranger District
2140 Yarmouth Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301

The draft Boulder Ranger District MVUM may be downloaded from this
Forest Service website:

A geo-referenced version of the above map for use with Global Mapper may
be downloaded from the COHVCO website here:

Friday Nov 13th Comments Deadline for the MVUM

At the very least, it is recommended that everyone who rides in the area attend the open house and understand what the trail inventory looks like. 

Obviously a substantial motorized user presence always helps our cause.
Thanks to Dave Kuhny and Glen Akins (NCTR) for their input on this alert.

Corey Corbett
COHVCO Manager of Operations

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