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Four Mile Trail System

Chaffee County, Colorado

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Multiple-use trail network through the hills to the east of Buena Vista. Amazing views of the Collegiate Peaks. Trails available for all vehicle types, and in varying difficulty. Designated and disperesed camp spots are scattered along many of the routes.

Popular Trails in This Area

Carnage Canyon (6042)
Chinaman Gulch Loop (6044)
Aspen Ridge (185)
Cubb Park (309)
Davis Meadows (1413)
Four Mile Creek (375)
Kaufman Ridge (187)
Lenhardy Cut-Off (376)
McGee Gultch (305)
McGee Gultch (305)
Midland (304)
Mushroom Gulth (308)
Seven Mile Creek (311)
Shields Gultch (315)
Spanish Mill (376)

Detailed Description

Pin Point is for the staging area near the intersection of County Roads 375 and 371, to the northeast of Buena Vista

How To Get There

To access the northern section of Four Mile, drive north on Colorado Avenue out of Buena Vista. This turns into County Road 371. You will cross the river and continue to the intersection of 375, which is right before the tunnels.

There are many access points along Highway 285, both to the north and south.

To access the Chinamans Gulch and Carnage Canyon routes, take Highway 285 North out of Johnsons Corner to County Road 301. Go south to the access road on your left. There is a gate and a BLM sign. Please close the gates after you go through them.

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Buena Vista






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Note that not all of the trails in an area will be open to all vehicle types. Follow the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)s and signage for the area and ride only on trails open to and wider than your OHV.

Trail System Maps and GPS Files

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Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM)

Salida Ranger District

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