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The idea for Stay The Trail Colorado was born in 2003 when a small group of off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts decided a new approach to land management issues was needed in Colorado. This new approach was to educate the public on responsible OHV use and to develop a sense of stewardship for our public lands among OHV enthusiasts. Since our first brochure was published in 2005, the program has grown into a resource that both the public and the land management agencies can count on to educate the public and protect our natural resources in Colorado.


Our mission is to reinforce and highlight responsible OHV use, and to modify and mitigate irresponsible use in an effort to minimize resource damage on public land. Our goal is to create a statewide culture of responsible OHV use which will continue beyond the life of the project, effectively creating a stewardship ethic among all Colorado OHV recreationists.

Educational Outreach Services and Materials

To accomplish our mission, Stay The Trail offers educational services and materials to land management agencies, OHV and OHV accessory dealers, educational and community institutions, and the general public. Our services include trailhead and event staffing, as well as classroom, conference, and meeting presentations. We also provide educational materials.

Trailhead and Events

Our traveling educational trailers are cornerstones of the Stay The Trail program. They can be found at numerous trailheads, trade shows, and dealer open houses during summers in Colorado. The trailers are self-contained traveling educational resources full of information, brochures, posters, and videos on responsible use of public lands. Visit our Stay The Trail Trailer page to request the trailer at your next event!


For smaller venues and events, club meetings, trade show booths, or conferences, we can leave the trailer behind and send a staff member to make a presentation or be on-hand at your event or meeting to answer questions about OHV use on public lands. Contact Us for more information about our presentations!


Our available materials include brochures, videos, a website, and a Colorado OHV opportunities map with information on over 85 OHV opportunities within the state. We also have various materials such as posters, brochures, an OHV opportunities map, and videos available for distribution by land management agencies, OHV clubs, OHV and OHV accessory dealers, four-wheel drive vehicle dealers, tourist information centers, etc. To learn more about the available materials, visit our Educational Materials page!


Stay The Trail is a program of the Responsible Recreation Foundation. The program’s steering committee includes Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Bureau of Land Management, the USDA Forest Service, the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO), and representatives of other motorized and non-motorized user groups. The Responsible Recreation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational foundation. Donations are tax deductable to the extent allowed by law.


Stay The Trail Terms of Use

Our Privacy Policy

We use computers and the internet too. We hate spammers, ad networks, and tracking cookies just as much as you do. We promise we won't spam you, sell your information to third parties, or try to keep track of where you're going on the internet. We'll use any data you provide to us to fulfill your immediate requests and may save that data to contact you in the future. We use cookies only to keep track of sessions you've initiated with us (e.g. logging into the Colorado Trail Patrol or Membership databases). We do log IP addresses but mainly for the purpose of tracking page views, figuring out what's popular and what's not on the site, and debugging things that break. Of course since we collect them, they can be subpoenaed.

Common Sense Required

It is recognized that the depicted activities involve inherent risks and that the safety of the operator and participant depends upon the prudent exercise and discretion of the operator. This information is notintended to provide guidance on how to negotiate obstacles, but rather for protecting the environment. Consider the severity of the obstacle, the capability of the vehicle and your experience level while crossing obstacles.

Always use proper protective gear manufactured for your off-highway experience. Safety gear and equipment requirements are dependent upon the type of vehicle. Consult your dealer and vehicle manufacturer for specific needs. The parties publishing this information hereby disclaims any and all liability associated with the provided information or arising from the depicted activities.

Trademark Notice

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This award recognizes innovative & successful trail sharing efforts, programs, & systems.

American Trails' 21st National Trails Awards Program honors people and programs at the 21st American Trails International Symposium. The awards celebration was held at Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, Arizona, April 16, 2013.